Truth #1 : You're not going to feel this way forever...

In fact, you have all the tools you need to gain epic clarity. You just need the map!

Truth #2 : It's a sign that you're growing

Hear me out. Feeling stuck means that you simply can't do life the same way you've been doing it up to this point. It's a GOOD thing (even though it feels pretty crappy right now)

'Get Unstuck' is a 30-day online writing program

Through daily videos, exercises, and worksheets you'll be guided out of the fog and into epic clarity on what you really want and how to make it happen

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Live All of You

Amy Segreti

Live All of You

“Kat is clearly doing her soul work; she is the gardener of your story, and her tools are intuition and loving guidance. She will gather up the truth inside you that you’ve been longing to meet and plant it (and it is, as always, up to you to water it). The tangible things she gives you to leave with are truly gifts from a wise woman—every person wanting to connect more deeply to themselves, their bodies, their mission on the planet and their Truth could benefit from working with her. Thank you for this blessing, Kat!”
The M List + Medium Well Podcast

Sara Weinreb

The M List + Medium Well Podcast

I highly recommend working with Kat if you are looking for support, guidance, and encouragement as a creative.

Meet your Guide

  • Kat Short

    Kat Short

    I'm Kat and I'll be your trusty guide through this journey. Honestly, I spent most of my 20's feeling Supa Stuck. Ya, that's a whole decade of stickiness. So, I know how it feels and I also know EXACTLY what process actually worked to get out of it. You'll see my happily unstuck face in all of the videos and I can't wait to help you find your unique, creative, and totally awesome path forward!

What's Included?

We may have a few extra surprises thrown in... FYI

  • 30 Days of Videos

    That's right. There is a video for EVERY SINGLE DAY of your get-unstuck journey. You can do it first thing in the morning or after work for a positive pick-me-up. You'll be building a ritual in the process!

  • Fun Daily Prompts + Exercises

    This is so much more than just a writing course. You'll be diving into your calendar and your journal. You'll make vision boards and go on solo adventures!

  • Helpful Downloadables for Every Day

    We don't expect you to watch the video and be on your own! Each day comes with an accompanying downloadable worksheet for you to mark up, draw on, and play with!

Your Map: Step by Step

You coming or what?

  • 2
    Week One: Fantasize
    • Day 1 | All the Feels
    • Day 1 Worksheet
    • Day 2 | A Day in the Life
    • Day 2 Worksheet
    • Day 3 | Across the Bridge
    • Day 3 Worksheet
    • Day 4 | Reasons Why
    • Day 4 Worksheet
    • Day 5 | Love Fest
    • Day 5 Worksheet
    • Day 6 | What's 'Right' Now
    • Day 6 Worksheet
    • Day 7 | Filling the Story Tank (Desire)
    • Day 7 Story Tank Ideas
  • 3
    Week Two: Forecast
    • Day 8 | Not Born Yesterday
    • Day 8 Worksheet
    • Day 9 | Hi 5 Low 5
    • Day 9 Worksheet
    • Day 10 | Story of my Life
    • Day 11 | Where did my energy go?
    • Day 11 Worksheet
    • Day 12 | Best Month EVER
    • Day 13 | Story Storm
    • Day 13 Worksheet
    • Day 14 | Story Tank Action
  • 4
    Week Three: Freedom
    • Day 15 | Polarities
    • Day 15 Worksheet
    • Day 16 | Finding Balance
    • Day 16 Worksheet
    • Day 17 | Make Space for Awesome
    • Day 18 | The Unforgiven
    • Day 19 | Letter to the Editor
    • Day 20 | The 15 Minute Vision Board
    • Day 21 | Story Tank (Curiosity)
  • 5
    Week Four: Flow
    • Day 22 | Uncovering Your Superpower
    • Day 23 | Superpower Bootcamp
    • Day 24 | Start Your Story Engine
    • Day 25 | Creating Rituals
    • Day 26 | Checking In
    • Day 27 | The Weekly Word
    • Day 28 | Story Tank (Celebrate)
    • Day 30 | Staying Unstuck

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What you'll walk away with...

  • Epic clarity on what you want, where you're going, and how to get there

  • A daily ritual that you can continue after the 30 days so you'll STAY unstuck

  • Inspired ideas and inspiration for what you want your life to look like

  • A toolkit to help you move through any BIG decision that comes your way

Inspire Your Shine

Rebecca Keselburg

Inspire Your Shine

Kat is not only brilliant she is a mastermind with words and ideas that solve problems, but she is also a kind soul with so much heart and compassion for others. Making an investment with Kat has been one of my best because she gives freely like no one else I know, and every moment spent with her and her material moves you forward and sparks your own spirit of creativity.

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